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Let's Take Some Time for the Small Stuff

Everything is very serious right now; politics, social change, shootings, rapid pace of technology, fear of war. Along with all of that there is an unsteadiness to the world of business. This unsteadiness is outside of the economy. Businesses are in continual internal flux, which isn't horrible but it does call for a seriousness to your career.

We've talked about learning more, networking in a different way inside and outside of your industry. We talked about creating a new plan for promotion and looking at maybe changing your goal. However, with all of that have you been watching the little stuff? The details that don't matter but are enough to make note of? For instance, do you notice who always takes a "coffee break" shortly after they arrive and login to their computer? What about the person who seems to always be going back and forth to the copier. So what, who cares? Well, it matters when the same time the person is taking a "coffee break" is when the manager makes rounds. This could be your time to bring up something to show your focus on the current project. The person always at the copier, what are they copying? It could be personal stuff, which is fine, or it could be some documents or researched information that is giving them a foot up. It might be helpful for you to walk to the copier too, every once in a while.

Everything that goes into the office doesn't need to be noted in your book of secrets. However, being more aware of the small stuff could prove to be beneficial.

NOTE: I recently got a $1 back as change and noticed on the bill was a website I had never heard of this website. It stuck with me for the entire day. So when I got home I looked into it. Fascinating what you find out when you make note of the small stuff.

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