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Little Engine that Could: It's not always about the physical

Yup, I'm talking about your thoughts, what you say to yourself at those moments your intuition tells you to go but your thoughts tell you to stop. Your thoughts need to be in-line with your career goals and true level of skills you possess.

To start your new focused intentional thoughts flowing, let's stop calling them "goals" and instead call them "plans". Goals are an arms length or more away, plans mean there are steps in place to get somewhere. You now have a career plan.

Next, which you already know, the friends who are not positive will have to go. Or at the very least, be moved to happy hour time. What qualifies them to be moved to happy hour only time? If the friends react to your plans with concerns then they aren't supportive that your skills are as good as they are. If the friends react with reasons it will be difficult, then they are obviously too afraid to move forward in their own lives so they couldn't possibly support you. Everyone wants friends who will tell them the truth "No you shouldn't quit your job and become a circus clown", but there is truth then there is fear and worry which cannot be accepted.

Take some time and write our your career goals. Keep them someplace you will see them at least twice a day. Now that your plans are written down in plain sight there is no reason for your thoughts, that inner voice, to say anything to you that is not in-line and supportive of your plans. Keep your thoughts Good..... You can Do IT!

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