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How Long is Too Long?

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Not now, tomorrow. 2018 will be The Year. This is the year I turn 30 so it's now or never. .... How long is to long? When will "now" truly be now? Planning for success, being strategic about your steps is commendable and shows your acumen for the industry you're in. However, taking too long to plan and strategize means opportunities are being missed.

No career is built on quick decisions and fast moves. Sure,there are moments when waiting and taking some time to decide is a good move. Accepting a position you didn't see on the horizon, but is being offered to you, should take some consideration; are you accepting a position for your success or following a career direction planned by someone else. However, sticking to the 5 year plan isn't conducive to the world that currently exists. Sure, make a 5 year goal without question this is what should be done. However, for a career to thrive in the new changing market place goals need to be broken down into 30 day chunks. The 30 days may not end in a new position but it should end with movement closer to where you're focused to go.

How, well let's take a look. The 5 year goal is to be moved to Assistant XYZ. This month detail out the skills needed to be this person. Next list the 4 people who you would work with if you had this position. Now, choose at least 2 skills and 1 person from each list. Now begin the process of obtaining those skills and finding a project that will get you closer to that person. That person needs to see you working in the capacity you're currently in; your organizational skills, leadership, working well with others, flexibility and detaining crisis. Does all of that make sense as to how you break down a 5 year plan into 30 day chunks. The "chunks" are important because in this new economic and business world, your 5 year goal, when you reach it, may end with 3 companies from where you are now.

I am the first person to tell people to sleep on it, give it some space then decide, but when the world is different than how it's ever been, waiting could be a dead end for the opportunity that you were looking for. Don't wait too long for what you've been waiting for.

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