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Who Are You?

If you watched the Golden Globes, one of the points which was repeated was Speak Your Truth. When looking at your career and the goals you have for it, you also have to speak your truth... to yourself.

The 1st part of the plan, posted on January 5th, requires you to look over your last performance review and pull out the areas that need improvement or skills you need to acquire. In order to do that, you not only have to look at your review with a learning eye but you also have to look at yourself and realistically figure out what it is you can achieve. Sure, everyone wants an MBA for example, but do you have the space in your life to focus on classes homework and meeting with groups? Some people want to earn a certification in yoru field, again are you ready to make room for this? Most of these don't have a start and finish date since you can self-pace learn online. However, if you are serious about a plan to reach your success goals in your field then you can't start something and takes months to finish.

Nothing wrong with having a plan, everyone should have one to help stay on track. Just be sure you are being truthful with yourself about who you are and what you are willing to sacrifice to get there. At this moment, it's time.

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