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They Think They Know Best

Your plan for 2018 advancement has started. You've reviewed your Performance Review from 2017, outlined trainings that fit your plan, but the company will pay for since it fits their plan for you as well. You're weeding out the course or seminar you'd like to attend. In meetings, you're more engaged when attending meetings. Even those weekly project calls have new meaning now that your plan as started. People are noticing, some are talking and sadly they all have an opinion. Now, everyone seems to know what you should do next, and have no hesitation telling you. The next move, the next introduction, the next lunchmate, the next place to go; really people?

Listen! Don't be distracted. Stick to YOUR plan. The Plan you have written down and mapped out is your next move. Just like Oprah at the Golden Globes, people can't stop talking about Oprah for President. She's just doing what she does. You're just doing what you do; people just need something to latch on to that you have become IT for them. As the Four Agreements teaches us Agreement #2 Don't Take Anything Personally. It has nothing to do with you. Just say Thank You, nod OK, but stay focused on Your Plan. No one's plan matters. Your Plan will reveal opportunities as it prepares you to accept them and excel.

Winning horses, when being trained, have blinders on for a reason, what the other horses are doing have nothing to do with them galloping their way to the finish line. Stay FOCUSED on YOUR PLAN!

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