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It Might Be True....About You

Let's get real! Some of what is said about you could actually be true:

  • You don't play well with others,

  • you don't ask for help,

  • you ignore other opinions,

  • you procrastinate until the last minute,

  • you don't make a clear plan for anyone to follow,

  • you act like you know but you don't

Does any of this sound familiar? It's easy to blow off some comments as "personal preference", at some point though you have to step back and look at what is being said and how many people are saying it. There could just be some truth to what they are saying. Sit with what they are saying, make a list, and let's see where some of these things might not work for a lot of people. Now, I'm not asking you to change who you are. Some of what people don't like about you is what makes you successful at what you do. The question is: Will those same traits get you to your next level of success?

There is a book I read a very, very, very (yes, that long ago) called What Got Your Here Won't Get You There ~ Marshall Goldsmith one of the points made in the book is how you want to hold on to being yourself. Sure, being you at all costs gave you a unique edge. Everyone could expect you as what you were and even looked forward to it, in some cases. However, as you garner successes and are on the radar of those who have the power to promote, maybe being so much of yourself isn't a good thing. This is just one area and an example of what could be the hidden feature keeping you from progressing at the rate you were expecting.

I'm not one to gossip, or even listen in on it, but sometimes what people are saying about you just might be accurate with no extra sauce added to the details. If that's the case, then it could be wise to stop being proud of this and evaluate yourself for a possible adjustment.

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