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I know... Where is The Plan you keep promising? It's coming. I'm editing now. Before Your Plan shows up I have an important question for you? Are you ready to Divorce your company, some of your network and a few of your "go to" professional habits?

I spent the evening walking every isle and table at the bookstore. I saw a lot of books about how to make friends, connect your network, build business skills, close the deal. However, I didn't see anything that talked about the preparation needed to truly drop some stuff immediately from your professional life. We started the year with you reading over your Performance Review from last year, looking at it with eyes of truth and acceptance. Then creating your checklist of skills you need to acquire through seminars, book camps, or some other form of training. Now, it's time to look at the list of areas that you need to work on and list the people and your habits associated with those elements.

Listing out the people is easy. You've known for a while who around you is negative, not moving forward in their own careers and just plain dead weight. The harder list will be looking at your habits that need to change - always being the jokester, never speaking up, doesn't take notes in meetings, always writing in meetings, not reviewing information prior to the meeting, not nurturing co-worker relationships, leaving early, eating lunch alone, not participating in after hours work gatherings, doing your own thing all the time, making a point to always make a point, etc. I think you get the picture. There is a great book that was written many years ago called What Got you Here Won't Get You There. I read it and try and apply it to every quarter of my career. Remember, you can't change overnight. Making abrupt changes will look odd to everyone around you. However, slow change does nothing for your newfound plan to success; so make the changes.

Divorce, even for the right reasons, hurts. It is an emotional and physical severing from an attachment. Your divorce from people and habits will be no different. Except, our divorce will not cost you any money and will elevate you towards your goals.

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