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Champions Are Cheered!

There is something about watching the Super Bowl that makes us all just a little more competitive. Even leading up to the game, the predictions and trash talking between co-workers and friends gives us all something to laugh about. Even in the laughter, it brings out a side of you that starts looking at aspects of your own career in a different way.

The game makes you just a little more aggressive and a bit bolder with your opinions in meetings, emails, and conference calls. Aggression can be a good thing if used in a way that gives power to your already formed work goals. The air of competition everywhere you go, makes you truly see clearer the elements surrounding you which may or may not help you reach your goals. One thing that most don't also see around Super Bowl time is that everyone is rooting for you.

As much as there are people who want to see you stay where you are or worse yet, fall down on your career face; there are even more people rooting for you. People you don't know, but see you everyday at the coffee shop and notice how nice you are. The person on the subway that is on your train every day at the same time who thinks you have a nice smile. The mailroom person who you always take a moment, look directly in the eye and say "hello" to. Even the Administrative Assistant hopes for you when the Partners meet to decide who gets what level of pay increase. With all these people rooting for you, there is no reason for you not to be a more aggressive and put yourself in front of the competition not in the midst of it.

In a Super Bowl there can only be one winner. The loser gets nothing in the arena of football; not a t-shirt, commemorative hat or a trip to Disney World. However, you are in the Super Bowl of Career Promotion. If you don't win, its not the end of the season for you. You still have a strong fan base rooting for you to adjust, design a new play, and keep going. Remember, there are many people around you cheering you on.

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