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YOU are the Fact Checker

It's one thing to read through your resume and sell your accomplishments when there is money on the table; interviewing for a job, sitting in your performance review for the year, closing the client contract. Where you don't seem to do such a great job is when you are alone and self-talking to yourself. In those moments, for every skill and achievement you have double negatives to void them out. Well, that stops today!

It all sounds very touchy feely, but it is the negative self-talk that stops you from attending a lunch where you don't know anyone, from throwing your name in the hat to lead the project, add your idea to the list during brainstorming sessions. Just like you are your biggest cheerleader, you can also be you worst critic. Let's change that up. Restructure your thoughts to believe what you know to be true.

Saying good things to yourself about yourself is not hype, it's FACT. YOU are talented. YOU are a good leader. YOU can pull the project together. YOU can make the client happy with the contract. YOU can pull the best from the team to get the job done on time. YOU are everything you believe yourself to be, just believe it more often.

When the talk in your head starts saying negative things, remind yourself those are not facts. The facts are that YOU are The Best!

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