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Hidden in Plain Sight

Implementing your 2018 plan for your career will take some serious focus. It's not complicated, but like in the game of chess, there are pieces to this move that have to be watched and rules that should be understood. That said, let your moves catch some people off guard.

There will be some people who have been watching you since you started working at the company where you are. You didn't realize how skilled you were, but they did. There are others who are always watching for competition. You know the type, they follow the manager around like a new puppy - grinning, agreeing and laughing just a little too much at things that aren't that funny. Sure, it all sounds very Mad Men but it's real; remember there is nothing new under the sun. There are others who wrote you off as non-entity they determined a year or so ago that you would not be in any way a block in their moving forward. Well, good for all of them! Glad they have summed up who they thought you were.

Now for the YOU of today. Do not share any part of Your Plan with anyone. Yes, I know you always have lunch with that person and confide in all things work related, but I must tell you "the climate right now is different". What's going on right now in business is shifting the business world (which is everything) into what it will be going forward. I'm not a politico, but the government chaos and change is a clear indication and it all trickles down hill; the business world is the down hill. What's happening now isn't about party lines or a 4-year term, changes being made are making permanent shifts. Those shifts dictate that you also shift. I'm not saying you shouldn't still confide - who's doing what, the new project and what you heard - I'm just stressing to you not to speak about your plans for your next move.

Obviously from the associated picture, I went to see Black Panther movie. In the movie, as they explain the country of Wakanda where the movie takes place, they say how to protect itself and it's advanced technology they hid in plain sight. That is you. You will be hidden in plain sight. When the times comes and you begin to move into the position you have as a goal, it will be a surprise to some and a shock to others but truthfully everything you did was in plain sight. They saw you take on the project, persuade the client in the direction that was most beneficial for the company, inject a new idea to explore,close the deal that didn't seem possible, get the team to not only finish ahead of schedule but also become so cohesive they have asked to work together again. Your promotion will come from hard work and laying a strategic foundation, but to those who didn't' see it coming they will think it was all done behind closed doors; the doors they kept listening at but you weren't there.

Keep moving forward, following the flowsheet to your goal but keep your moves to yourself; right in plain sight.

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