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It's Not What You Thought

There is a picture in your mind of what getting to your goal looks like. It isn't paved with roses and beer. There aren't harps and violins playing in the background and you skipping through a brightly lit office of wide cubicles and co-workers who applaud you every step of the way; no, you've been around long enough that the picture you had was realistic. However, you still didn't think it would look like this: stress of doing your regular job and adding on additional duties to try and up your skills exposure in the office, connecting with people in other industries to leverage your network requiring no down time after your normal up time, gym time and hanging out time slowly being shut out due to more meetings and outside research. Sure, you knew it would be a lot of work but the pace at which it is moving isn't exactly what you were expecting. Well, Here It Is!

Whew... There is a reason so many successful business people are touting books about the benefits of rest, mediation and silence. They now realize the effects of running at that pace to get where they are. Now, I'm not saying they aren't 100% accurate when they talk about rest, meditation and silence, what I am in disagreement about is doing it right now. Being able to pull back and step aside while you're still hustling to get there isn't realistic. The idea of what they say makes total sense but applying it to your everyday and the plan you have to get to reach your career goal does not allow for that.

I admit, the pace is enough to end your blood pressure soaring through the roof, not to mention the frequent headaches. What you can do, which seems like a more realistic offering, is realize how much your time is worth and adjust your budget accordingly. If you are truly maximizing what I wrote in the 1st paragraph then finding a laundry service within a 5 mile radius to your everyday is imperative. It is a bit pricey, but here is the justification:

You have to look pulled together at every meeting and chance encounter you have, but there is no way with all you are doing you have the energy to ensure that. Hence, paying someone to do your laundry is well worth it. Your energy should be directed at your ideas, the projects and clear thinking for any question that may be posed to you.

Cleaning Service justification:

No one can think in a disorderly home PERIOD. Walking into a house of clutter is draining. You're not throwing nightly parties, so someone to come and clean maybe bi-weekly or even once a month should do the trick. If you sign up for a regularly scheduled service the 1st time is pricey but after that the fee comes down a bit.

Order Everything justification:

No one can bargain shop like you can. However, no one can be as attentive to your career life as you can. Use technology in your favor. Sure, the lettuce and onions are a bit pricier when ordered on line but subtract your time and it's a win win. Besides, unless you're eating out as part of the "career plan" then all other meals need to be eaten at home. Home meals are healthier. This leads me into working out.

If you're someone, and most of us do, who needs this on a regular basis, schedule it on your calendar. If it's daily then do it daily, three times a week then write that in. As much as you don't have time for it you must have time for it. Doing some of the above will make more room for it and not have you feeling as though you skipped out on something else.

No, this hustle pace is not how you imaged it to be exactly but you're going to make it work. WE are going to make it work because you're 2018 career goals are attainable and YOU can get there. Making a few adjustments to your personal life will ensure you get there without passing out from exhaustion.

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