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None of Your Business

Well, it's not really breaking news that all of our information is not only out there in the universe but also being sold tot he highest bidder. People are mad and wanting someone to answer for it, but we have all long said whatever you click on, sign up for or like is a piece of data in the puzzle that is you. As long as you know that, then be conscious of what you do on any and all networks. Especially, the one at the place you work.

At work, its not just what you do on the network but also what you say and to whom. I believe in having a network of people. i'm a strong proponent in reaching out to those around you for support. What I don't urge anyone to do is share their career plan with anyone in your immediate 360 degree circle. No one needs to know the "why" of your actions. You owe no one an explanation for what you do, and in this case you truly owe no one a blueprint of your every move.

It's the career plan that you have created for yourself that others want to know. When they ask if you're going to this or that, or preparing for a specific meeting it's not a friendly question it is a question sizing up the competition. Remember too, even if the person asking isn't in competition with you someone they are "friends" with probably is. Yes, I know it sounds a bit paranoid. So to kill the conspiracy theory think back to what happened the last time you shared some ideas with co-workers? Did it end in your favor or theirs? [ Pause to remember ] Exactly.

When someone asks "oh, why are you doing that?" you don't have to be rude, but you don't have to say it's part of your career plan. Instead, tell them it's just what you are going to do and leave it at that. Let them wonder your "why". It's healthy and will definitely protect your steps as you go forward.

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