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Can I Show You Something?

Listening to a Podcast by Shanel Cooper Sykes "... being coach-able is a skill..." She's right! Knowledge and experience are great. Those are the reasons you were chosen out of hundreds, if not thousands of others for the position you now hold. Its also the reason why you are so good at what you do. You're looked upon for answers and to ensure the rest of the team stays focused and on deadline. Management as well as the Clients are secure knowing you are working on the project. You give such an assurance.

However, to move to the next level those watching need to know you are able to be trained.

Not retrained in things you already know or that may cause a need for a refresher like Excel or Mail Merge functions. No, I'm talking about being trained in the skill of people, to be a lead in bringing in business not working on business someone else brought in, inspiring people to be better than they thought they could be. Yes, its a skill to be able to learn these new traits. Everyone says what they would do IF they were in-charge, but what people don't realize are the soft skills needed to become management and be successful in the position. The days of dictating to staff are long gone, and going to a business meeting thinking the client has no other choice but you is a good ego booster but not the reality of the day. Being about to applaud staff without being condescending, uplifting them without first tearing them down, and speaking to the needs of the client without being braggadocios isn't as easy as one might think on a daily basis.

No one can deny the long list of accomplishments your experience has won you. Your knowledge, connections and fortitude to become successful cannot be discounted. With all of that, you are still in need of the intangible skills of being able to drive people to success without you working with them side by side and earning the trust of new business to make them a client. This can only be obtained if you are open and willing to be taught. YOU are trainable.

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