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Now There is Room for Summer

It's been long known, Spring is the time to declutter. Spring is

when you change out your linens, wash down your walls, swap out your heavy dark colors for light easy-breezy items. Well, guess what? That is for your home and lifestyle, Summer is when you clean out your work space.

The office in Summer has less people on any given day. Co-workers are working from home (or some random coffee shop), on vacation or just plain someplace else "phoning it all in". Don't think it applies to you, since you're a Virtual Worker, well it does. You've been stacking magazines, files, office supplies and some other objects not even remotely work related into your "home office".

Why Summer? Summer is the best time to declutter your work space because we now have about 12 hours of sunlight a day. Sunlight brings energy. When you have energy you can work and still have something left to do a little more work before you need to go do some Summer fun. It won't take as much time as you think.

Those business articles you were going to read; you won't. Those folders you just had to have; never used, so donate them. Sticky notes with scribbles on them that have no meaning anymore. Cards from every occasion you can think of, condiments that probably should be thrown out. Books donated to you for one project or another, the project has since ended; return the book.

I know the last thing on your mind is to do any type of cleaning now that Summer is here. Summer is The Best time to clean out the rubble from your work space. Summer will bring with it new ideas and a burst to your plans for your career, so let's make some room for them.

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