Are You Living the Career You're Chasing?

Andre` Leon Talley

No, this is not a fake it until you make it; Live it to believe it speech. What I'm speaking of are your habits. The money part is easy. You'll be able to Super Size your latte everyday of the week. It's the other part that gets most people fumbling and unable to keep up with the pace. How are you living? If you were told in the morning meeting you had to fly out at 2:00 pm to where the client's office is located, about a 2 hours plane ride away, could you pull up stakes that quickly? Now, is the time to put things in place so as you rise you're already prepared for your new level of living.

One thing you'll find as your career becomes fuller and moves forward that you don't have a lot of free time. The days of taking all weekend to do your laundry will disappear quickly. Do you have a system for cleaning your clothes? How much time do you spend grocery shopping? Do you cook, if so how do you prepare your meals to be ready for late nights and rushed mornings? Do you workout, Pilates or cycle your way to a better you? Are you searching everyday for your workout gear? Or is there a place for everything and everything in it's place at your place?

You can't wait until the moving up is happening to "get it together", you need to have it together right now. Your schedule won't be. You'll need to adjust it as you go along. Maybe for now you clean your apartment, but you get all your shirts professionally pressed and starched. Or most of your clothes are gentle cycle and drip dry (you will have to do wash a small load every night to ensure things dry in a timely manner) which means you have the funds for a professional manicure every 2 weeks and a professional hair stylist once a month. P.S. Make your hair and manicure a standing appointment, doing so will assist with them being on-board when your life picks up and you need to be "fit in" for services. Are you getting the picture? Cleaning and dusting, I keep a rule of making the house clean enough that if someone dropped by there wouldn't be much to do in the common areas. If you try and stick to this - dishes always in the dishwasher, counter cleaned, no glasses or plates left in the living rooms - then on the nights you are exhausted there isn't anything to do. Nothing beats walking into a clean house. Sunday nights or whatever night you have down time, boil eggs make pouches of oatmeal for on the go or cut up all your fruit, so the morning rush won't catch you starving in the first meeting of the day. Now, are you with me?

Let's get back to the last minute out of state meeting with the client. You finish the meeting, call to ensure your dry cleaning is ready, stop in to get a quick polish change. You get home, the dry cleaning you pick up gets hung for when you return. You grab your suitcase, yes it's empty because you never leave it filled with things from the last trip. Throw in previously cleaned shirts and one extra, undies, socks, etc. You keep a stock of toiletries of your products so that's easy to grab and throw in a zip-lock bag. Change your sheets, order an Uber and be on your way to the airport early. You can eat when you get there but DO NOT miss that flight. These are the moments that begin to define your career. Now, after 2 days you didn't count on calming the client you're back home and able to breathe easy instead of rushing around to get back on track.

It's never too late to start, so today get yourself organized at home. Your career can't be on fast forward if all the supporting elements are not put into place.

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