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I've Never Seen That Before

There is an ideal in most companies that there is an order to how a person can rise to a certain level of success. Some believe you have to start at the bottom, or someplace close to it, then rise from there. Not only do they have an idea of where you should start from but also where you should land at each interval of your career. What you should do at each level, how long you should be at each level and who you need to befriend to get to the next place. Kind of sounds OK, but what happens when YOU ascend in a different order?

What happens when your journey to success and your goals doesn't take a path that was traveled by others. What happens when you skip some levels? When you jump from here to there and it "seems" as though you didn't take as long as those before you. What will they do when you don't have documented, by document I mean THEY had to see it for themselves, proof that you paid your dues in the business; whatever business you happen to be in.

Well, this is what happens, you succeed! You become who you were destined to be. Those who believed in your applaud. Those who looked to you as hope for themselves, relish with you. And those who are upset that you didn't follow the known path go silent. The silence is shown by the missing applause, the missing acknowledgement that your achievement was even gained. Now, some say you should go to them, what you should say I'm not sure. I don't know if you are supposed to ask for something, apologize or just what. To me, all that you should do is be thankful to those who supported and believed in you then embrace what you have achieved. I'm a believer so I would also Thank God.

Remember: YOUR path is YOUR path. It will not look like everyone else's. It's not supposed to. We are all unique, not just how we look but also how our lives are meant to be. Keeping that in mind, determine your goal, create your plan, focus on what you need to do daily and then work hard. How you rise will not be like what anyone around you has seen and possibly nothing you've read about, and that's OK. Just know that just because no one has seen it be accomplished doesn't mean YOU won't accomplish it in that way. Stay Open. Stay Focused. Stay moving forward.

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