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YOU are Your Only Challenge

The Internet is Hilarious! I love how anything posted can go viral if enough people like it, show interest in it or share it. That's what's happening right now with Drake's In My Feelings song dance challenge. I am truly a Drake fan. I agree his latest album is uplifting, empowering and helps us all stay real and true to ourselves. But just like how this song has spawned some sort of dance challenge, so can openings and opportunities at work.

You have a plan for your career and you're moving in that direction. The steps you have sketched out for yourself are not only in action but you are beginning to see the outcomes of these steps. Now, there is an opportunity or position opening and everyone is vying for it. Somehow you have thrown yourself into this challenge as well. Why? Looking back at your plan does this new opportunity fit into Your Plan? Does any part of what everyone is jumping at fit into any part of what your career plans are? I'm not saying you shouldn't throw your name into the hat when it comes to a promotion or a move into something that will give you exposure. However, you should be careful you're not moving in a direction that is not in line with your own goals.

Simply stated, don't allow the frenzy of a challenge to swoop you up and away from the direction you were pointed in. Your goals can change but don't allow the motion of the environment to change them for you.

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