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Don't Be Fooled, the Game has not Stopped

Yes Summer, God Bless it, is almost over. People are heavy into vacations long weekends and late night chill outings. All of which make for long slow days at work. People have little to say in meetings, no one seems to have any new or innovative ideas and you can forget about any new business opportunities someone has searched out. Nope, August is just that in between month. However, that was before YOU.

You, with your Plan, this is just another 30 days in which to keep moving. The Plan you have set out for your career success is not restricted to seasons, the temperature or anyone else in the room. YOUR Plan is just that, YOURS. All it cares about is that you are staying focused and in line with what you have mapped out.

Those that are truly "Living well and Prospering" do not heed to the slow down of August. They continue to keep pace with their own planned out schedule. Sure, they are giving time to the Hampton's, Martha's Vineyard, Italy, Greece and the likes. What they aren't doing is taking this moment and considering it a break. They are not using August to "wind down" their Summer. Instead, they are keeping pace and revving up for the new fiscal year which starts, if you're in line with government, October 1st. They are ending this fiscal year as strong as they can to ensure stockholder smiles and an increased bottom line.

Remember, Your Plan is just that YOUR PLAN. Until you reach the place which you have deemed to signify your success, nothing else is relevant to you. Nothing else that isn't moving forward at the same pace as you are towards your goals. When people say what you are doing isn't necessary right now, let that be a sign of just how relevant what you are doing is to the right now of your career. Keep going forward... Success is within reach.

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