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Affirmation Won't Come from Who You Know

I've been blogging now for over 10 years. My Premise has been that not everyone has the desire to be an Entrepreneur. Success can be achieved working within a Corporate environment. By success, I don't mean middle management and the hopes of a 6-figure salary; I'm talking about 7-figure, stock options included success.

At times I wondered if anyone thought the same way I do about being successful working for someone else. If everyone out there was so bent on being their "own boss" that my blog sounded like something only someone at McDonald's hoping to be in-charge of the fries could use. Yes, as dedicated as I am I had those thoughts of "who's listening".

Then something happened, I found a place that thinks the way I do. The place is @WorkParty. The people who developed this place have the same belief that I do; Success can be had not just as an Entrepreneur but also as an employee of someone else. They too believe a person can have the life they always dreamed of having but with the security of working for someone else. @WorkParty has affirmed my work. I wasn't looking for affirmation. I wasn't thinking of shutting down my site. I wasn't contemplating if my work was working for anyone. Then out of the blue, @WorkParty showed up. It's TRUE, the Universe is always on your side. It is working and supporting you even when you don't know you need it.

So even though it seems you've been trudging along on your plan - adjusting as you need to, connecting with the key people it seems will be a good step towards your goals - with no sight of the end goal, don't be discouraged. Just keep moving forward. If you look, and not at the places you think affirmation will come from - office recognition, your paycheck, a co-worker; no look around and there will be a sign that what you are striving for is achievable. It will also affirm that what you are working to achieve is FOR YOU.

I am developing The Plan for all those who need guidance on how to maneuver through the workplace and corporate life to achieve the level of success they envision. I've been stalled the last couple of weeks, due to busyness in my Day job. I took this as maybe it's not time. @Workparty has shown me that NOW is THE TIME for EVERYONE to continue to MOVE in the direction of their GOALS. Success is just a step away.

NOTE: Don't be fooled, @WorkParty is geared toward women but SUCCESS has no gender.

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