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What's YOUR September Issue?

Oh I LOVE September! Aside from it being my birthday month, it is the Biggest Season for Fashion. This is the month every designer, big and small, show us not only what to wear for Fall & Winter 2018 they also showcase their talents; creativity, innovation, stamina that they still have what it takes to be interesting. September is also the time of year in business when everyone is back from vacation, the quarter is ending and the bottom line goals are back in focus cleared than they were before. What are you showing as Your September Issue?

Now is the time when all ears are open. There were goals to be met by the last quarter of the year to the Shareholders, so anything you can offer to get the company to that goal will be taken into consideration. Walk into the meetings,

coffee run conversations, impromptu chit-chats with your ideas on the tip of your brain. Be innovative with client proposals, team formations, streamline some processes, even just knowing what the competition is doing is a positive move. This is not the time to be silent and play it safe. The spotlight is shining randomly looking for a place to land; let it land on You.

It has been shown that Anna Wintour travels around prior to the shows giving her nod, adjustment or veto to several designer runway looks. Why? Because everything looks good in the bubble which is your head and your house. Make sure you're connecting with your "inner circle" of people to run some of your ideas to. Make sure you are checking in with your Mentor, Buddy, Role model in the company to feel out what areas are weak and where your bright idea can make the best impact.

There is no question the seasons are changing. Whether you believe in global warming, are still sniffing your roses or sunning and fun-ning on the weekends, the fact remains Fall is just around the corner. With it being around the corner, it's time to shed the fun and get serious about your day to day; pull out the sweaters, have your tires checked on your car, have the furnace serviced,, start stocking your pantry for some days when you can't get out. Along with preparing yourself you should also prepare your career. Make your moves bold, with innovation showing your designs on your career's future.

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