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Stop Being a Bench Warmer

It's time! You've watched, prepared, taken notes, consulted with your Mentor, discussed it with your friends and now it's here; Your time to step up! The fiscal is ending, the end of 2018 is fast approaching and people are playing it not end with you safe. Now, especially if there is a scramble by Management to make those numbers projections, to play it safe and stay out of the firing range. I say, this is NOT the time for playing it safe.

Today is the day for you to email your proposal about the new client to the Client Manager. Now is when you should reach out to those Partners you've been wanting to meet with about your career goals. This week, every meeting you are a part of - Skype, face to face, conference call - should not end without you being added to the meeting notes with your idea or opinion.

It's also time to possibly "change teams". As of today, you are always lunching, sitting in the meetings, working with the same team of people. There is nothing wrong with that. It's given you stability and a comfort level with your day to day. However, to grow your career you have to change your seat. Sit with a new group of people, eat with another department of people, go on a coffee run with a different pack of people. There is a lot of other things going on in the company that 75% of the staff don't know about, they see the final result in the reports and newsletters, but shoot for being a part of the action before it becomes print.

There is nothing wrong with being on the bench. Being on the bench gives you time to observe. You now know who are the key players, the weak links, the go-getters, the strengths people have, but your bench days have come to an end. It's time to shake of the towel, put down the Gatorade and put on your helmet. It's YOUR Game Time!

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