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Can You Be More Specific?

Everyone is different, which means how they think act and flow through life is also different. So at what point do people who want to "help" you succeed realize this, and begin to give you the advice that speaks specifically to what you are trying to do?

Examples of how someone else did something is great. It is inspiring to know that someone else was able to navigate the political, economic and social environment working at a corporation to rise to the higher ranks of Success. It's definitely appreciated when someone who has reached their goals to look back and give some guidance to those who are still reaching to get there. However, there are day to day situations that don't always fall within the parameters of the inspiring guidance given based on someone else's journey. Most days more specific advice is needed.

Well, here it is ... Career Success Lifestyle Facebook Group! Click on the below link, answer a couple of questions and begin your discussion about what you need advice about. YES, it's TOTALLY FREE!

I've been blogging and writing with advice and guidance on how to reach your career goals working in a corporate environment for over 10 years. The guidance has been general and at times specific, but not really specific enough to help you on Wednesday to make it through to Thursday. I want to shift my focus to be more specific to give the kind of advice that can truly help you get closer to your goals.

Join the Group. The posts and members are closed only to those who are a part of the Group. Drop in and let's start talking!

Career Success Lifestyle

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