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Desire & Work ... Opportunities

After watching the Quincy Jones Documentary I've come to the conclusion that YOUR success cannot be planned, only desired and worked for. Sounds kind of odd, but hear me out.

If you have a desire for success and stay true to what interests you - finance, marketing, project management, client management, innovation, solving problems - then strive to know all there is to know about that area of interest. Become so fascinated with that area of interest, that you become known as someone who knows all about it. In doing the work to know all there is to know, the opportunities will come to you without a lot of forced effort.

Yes, you must network. If you don't network then no one knows you and know one will know what you know. Stay focused and work diligently, someone is always watching so know that the work you do is not in vein. Ensure you lean in, raise your hand and speak up when there is a place for a question or a solution. It is in this that you work on cultivating yourself.

Should you turn down things that are not in line with what YOU have in ind as a goal? Sometimes, but most of the time look beyond the actual "job" and see the bigger picture - are you learning something new, is it giving you an opportunity to continue to cultivate a skill you have, is it exposing you to staff and clients that you have not been exposed to or had an opportunity to work with - if any of these are true then say yes to the opportunity.

Watching the present and the past of Quincy Jones you see the consistency of his yearning to know more and be more. You also see the opportunities that come to him because of his drive to know more and be more. To be great in the business world, take a tip from the creative world; From one of the Greatest Creatives.

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