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Choose YOU!

Everyone is pushing you to lean in, raise your hand and speak up, all of that is great but at a point you have to choose you.

You have to sit back, look at your schedule of projects inside the company and outside the company, check your networking schedule (you should have a networking schedule), check your career goals and decide if it's better for you to sit this one out. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your career and sit silent.

If you raise your hand too often and lean in too frequently then you fill up your plate to the point there is no room for you to work on your skills. It is ALWAYS imperative you make room to work on your skills and also space to allow your mind to take it all in. If all you do is work and work and move from project to project then when is the space for you to work on you.

The work you need to do on you is to review your notes, explore new information about your area of interest, or to learn anything new that has now sparked your interest.

In all the striving and moving forward, make sure you make some space for you to work on you; by you I mean your skills.

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