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It's Not Too Late

Yikes! It's hard to believe the Holidays are here. The Holidays being here also signals the end of the year; 2018 is coming to an end. Looking back over your yearly plans, did you accomplish everything you had on the list? Did you reach your career goals? Did your career move closer to your goals? Career and lifestyle go hand-in-hand; how's your lifestyle? Did it improve? Did you change your lifestyle to be more conducive to success? I know, lots of loaded questions.

Well, I ask because it's not to late to finish the year strong. It's too late to add to your skill set, show yourself on a new project, raising your hand leaning in will have to wait for next year. However, what you can work on is your circle of connections.

The Holiday season is the best time to make career connections. Not just at your office parties, but at the office parties of friends as well. Yes, be a plus 1 if at all possible this season. Take a deep breath, fill your pockets with your work business card and your personal business card [You DO have a personal business card, right?] and go mingle. Remember it's the Holidays, so your conversation starter can be almost anything: hobbies, sports teams, workout routines, restaurants, movies, binge watching favorites, books, concerts you've seen or want to see, your hometown, cities you've visited or want to visit, favorite foods, movies, new technology, cars, cell phones, wines, micro-beer, I think you get the picture . There are a few subjects to stay away from: politics, race, sex, politics, headline news, race, politics; see just a few but these few can be a stink bomb to any conversation.

This is the most wonderful time of the year, to upgrade your career network. Make these last few days count to move your career forward. It's not too late, you CAN end the year with some new possibilities for 2019.

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