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Stay True & Everyone

One of the things my parents taught me, particularly my father, was to treat everyone the same. I've lived my career using the mantra. It's especially come in handy in the last 5 years, it's getting more difficult for me to remember names. However, some people seem to only use this theme when it comes to those in positions of power; they are so wrong.

If you treat everyone in the office, from the Administrative Assistant to the mail room staff to the entry staff to the powers that be in the office, as if they are important it is one less pressure you have. Doing this, and making it a part of who you are, requires you to go beyond the usual "Hello ... Have a Good day." It will require you to become familiar with people.

Everyone you meet should have your undivided attention. Eye contact and no movement to walk away until there has been an exchange of greeting and response. Give an invitation to who you are. Extend your hand and introduce yourself and ask who they are. It's about being seen and acknowledging that you see them as well. Time permitting initiate then engage in chit chat. Having chit chat each time you encounter someone isn't necessary but having a "chit chat" moment creates a connection which may lead to a work friendship which is always good to have. If the first conversation led to talking about dogs then maybe in a couple of weeks when you see this person again you can bring something up you've read or seen about dogs or maybe they will. Always do your best with everyone you meet. This means if they ask for information, guidance or help with anything give it 100% no matter who is asking. Make this a part of who you are. The reputation you are building within the company, and dare I see the work world, should be one that shows someone always doing their best.

If you do the above with everyone you meet in the office, at work events, client sites, career seminars, networking events then you won't ever make the faux pas which could cost you your reputation and your job.

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