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Tis' the Season to Give, a Little to Yourself

I LOVE the Holiday season! It is the time of year when even those, like myself, who are decorating challenged can somehow put together a festive decor`. Giving gifts to those who have touched your heart during the year. A gesture of appreciation to those who give you a service - Administrative staff, mail room staff, cleaning crew, hairstylist, managers, team leads, manicurist, Esthetician, and so on. Receiving and giving happiness to all you possibly can. What are you giving yourself?

I believe you should still stay focused on your career always keeping a side eye open for any opportunities which may present themselves as the year moves to an end. However, don't forget to reward yourself. Throughout the year, along with everything others have done for you don't forget all that YOU have done for YOU.

At the start of 2018 you had plans for your career - what position you would promote to, the salary you would earn, the company you would be working for, the clients you would have on your roster. Maybe some of those goals were met, either fully or in part. Maybe none of them came to fruition due to other events that occurred. Whether they did or not, the fact that you showed up everyday and gave 100% to every assignment means something. The idea that you were passed over for a promotion, team position or client assignment but still were a team player counts for something.

Now, you may not want to accept it or not, but all of that took great courage and steadfast commitment on your part. For that alone, you should celebrate yourself! Take yourself out to dinner. Schedule yourself a full day at the spa. Splurge a little on that tailored suit or custom shirt or that designer bag that has been haunting your thoughts. YES YOU should be celebrated and NOT by anyone else but YOU, because YOU know what it took to stay focused, stay invested and show up 100% EVERYDAY!!

Happy Holidays to YOU!

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