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2019: Doing The Work!

No one seems to want to say it out loud, so I'll say it YOU have to do THE WORK! Yes, there is no easy route to success. Your career is not going to move just because you took a lunch, made a connection or had a few chit-chat sessions with important people. No, YOU will need to do the work.

You will need to be better than the rest, brighter then the average star, work harder and put in the hours. Yes, old school hard work and drive is what it will take to move forward in 2019.

The days of skating by on knowing a few things, doing your part of the project and knowing the few people you know are OVER.

Now you will need to understand all parts of the project, connect with those above you below you and in between, your dusty degree will need some new credentials and those "work life balance" days you once bragged about will need to be alerted.

As the economy changes: jobs disappearing, companies closing, possible recession pending; only those who truly show some worth will not only survive but thrive.

Now that we've laid out what it will take in 2019 to be Successful. Get your goals spelled out. Get a plan in place. Get some rest because it WILL BE a Working Year.

Happy New Year!

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