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Slow Start. Strong Finish.

Now that you are moving into the 2nd week of 2019, those high energy goals you had mid-December might be beginning to wain. DO NOT be discouraged. It's not the swift that wins the race but the steadfast.

Let's just take an uplifting breath. Now, look over your 2019 goals. Yes, I know you wrote them down someplace. Pick just one, only one. What will it take just to reach that one goal? Write down some action steps, no more than five. Of those action steps pick just one.

Today, begin the first step you picked. Don't get over excited and do more than one. Tomorrow, repeat the first step. One more day left in the week, Friday repeat the first step again.

Saturday, take at least 30 minutes to look over your action steps and add one more. Also, pick another 2019 goal and write down five action steps for that goal. Great! Your written goals are a plan, your steps are actions. It's the planned action that will truly get you moving towards your goals.

By Wednesday of next week, add the first step for the second goal. NOT until Wednesday do you add the second step. The purpose is to get moving and stay the course. By the end of next week you are doing two steps, one for each goal, and you are moving closer. This movement will energize and inspire you that what you want is achievable. YOU can do it!

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