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Every Step Counts.... every single one

Yes we are 3 weeks into 2019 and YES that list of goals is still just as long as it was 4 weeks ago when you wrote it. That's OK. Reaching your goals is not going to happen in a couple of weeks, it will take some time. How much time? Well, that is up to you. What will determine how long it will take is the number of steps you have taken.

You have to start moving. For each goal, write down 3 steps. Take the most important goal and put the 1st step into action. It's just that simple. Sure, it will take some time for that step to show it's progress, but keep it up. Every step you take forward will get you closer to your goal.

Remember: You define your goal and YOU measure your steps; just keep moving..... If you keep moving you'll reach YOUR GOAL!

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