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Do You Have a Map?

Why would anyone need a map when you have Siri; God Bless her. Well, as you probably have guessed I'm talking about a map for your success. No one gets where they are going without a map, not a plan but a map. A plan is a proposal for doing something. A map is a detailed diagram over an area showing the physical elements of that area. Now, if you are plotting out your success wouldn't you want as much detail as possible? I would.

Your career map shouldn't just involve levels of position you will move past as you reach your goal. No, your career map should also have networking elements - groups to connect with, people to connect with, a schedule to ensure these connections are on-going relationships. Details on revamping of your personal life - schedule for continued learning, wellness, grocery shopping, dry cleaning/clothes cleaning, housework, incidentals needed around the home, an adjustment to your wardrobe. Political maneuvering isn't easy - who to speak to about what, when to join the group and when to stick out (Abilene Paradox), who to eat lunch with and who should you happy hour with. Are you getting the picture?

When you sit and think about your career goals, don't just think positions but think about the moves it will take to get there. Like a football field, you can't just map out your goal. You should also include the details of everything involved in reaching that goal, this will ensure you reach it. #Success

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