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Just Another Week

There are days when you think to yourself, "When is IT going to happen?". "IT" being your dream job, the promotion you've been wanting, or maybe just some solid footing in the position you currently. Waiting on "IT" can be the longest hardest thing to do. The problem is YOU're waiting. If you are waiting on IT to happen, then that is precisely why it's NOT happening.

When Bill Gates and his original team of programmers finally realized "IT" had happened, they were about a month late. You see, people who are actively working towards their "IT" are focused on all the details in getting there. So for them, they don't see "IT" in the far away future because everyday they are checking off the milestones which have to be met. No, it's still not overnight. No, it doesn't even happen in 30 days. However, within 30 days they can see some distance behind them. Within 30 days: connections have been made, a routine geared towards success is in place, and their current work situation seems temporary due to the work they are doing.

For "IT" to happen there are many working parts. The main working part is YOU. When you have days that feel like it's never going to happen, on those days look over your calendar of tasks and ensure you are ticking off all the elements that need to be completed that day which are a part of YOUR plan for success.

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