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You'd Better Figure YOU Out!

Recently, in the movie Dumplin on Netflix there was a quote which they credit to Dolly Parton, which is fine since the bulk of the movie is a Dolly World Fantasy. Anyway, they said something that stuck with me "Figure out who you are and then do it on purpose". Sounds simple enough. After a week, and reading my usual business writings I realized, this is very important when mapping out your career for success.

You must figure out who you are! If you're a family person, home body, like to socialize, or an introvert, really like to travel, don't like a repetitive job cycle then you really need to accept this about yourself. If you think modeling yourself into a person and lifestyle to get where you want to know is what you need to do for success then you have it all wrong. Now, I agree there will need to be some changes and some will take some time to get used to, but overall the success goal you have needs to be something your entire lifestyle will be comfortable with.

Once you figure out what that is, who you are in it, then make moves on purpose which are in line with who you are. Example, if you're not really a people person then maybe Success in your career looks more like a Team Lead or project manager but on the staff side of things. If you love to travel, the goal may be to Partner or Director level to seek out international clientele. Or being a people person may mean you are the person to put together the perfect team for each project here and abroad. Introvert, possibly your success comes from growing those around you and under you as you rise, making them the face and you the support.

There is no good or bad or right or wrong choice. All paths lead to success IF they is your goal and you are willing to make the adjustments and put in the work to get there. It won't be easy but choosing ( or creating) a path that is in line with who you are sure helps.

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