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Where are the Opportunities?

Google. Twitter. LinkedIn. Ernst and Young. IBM. Microsoft. Apple. Amazon. Viacom. Virgin Group. BMW. Mercedes. Government. Revlon. LVMH; the list goes on and on naming the top companies out there. These are the companies that ignite ambition and create career goals. What about the other companies? The companies that are thriving but lower on the top 500 companies list. They are applied for and offers are accepted with ambivalence. However. these are the companies that are career building gold.

Don't think that your career goals, which I KNOW you have written down someplace, can only be achieved in the top companies. That's not a true belief. If you have career goals, the goal shouldn't be connected to the company but stand as an independent venture which can be achieved regardless of location.

Every company has a Senior level/C level suite. Every company has a VIP clients to be coveted as part of your team's focus. Every company is looking for the person to do more than expected.

I was watching the show called Selfie on Prime. It turns out it's from 2014. When I started watching and noticed all the actors and actresses with key roles in the story line, I realized that even though the program played on Prime, these people were reaching their goals of working in their field, being exposed to a large audience, growing their craft AND getting paid. THIS COULD BE You!

Sure you may have to explain to your friends and even next employer what the company you work for does and the industry they are in, but YOU are their shining star. A shining star is what matters not necessarily where they are shining. You work hard, grow your knowledge in the career field, have networked and made connection across industries and the city you currently live you. WHY should it matter where you work, since what matters is that YOU work; you deliver increased profits and happy clients.

Don't rule out the "no name" companies. Remember, they were all unknown until the stars they hired started shining.

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