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Leave a Legacy. It's Worth It.

Everyone is talking about the death of Nipsey Hussle. Reason: He Mattered. Every PERSON on earth matters, but the reason he mattered is because he was The Rose that Grew from Concrete. He was A Tree Grows in Brooklyn . He was a rapper who used his craft not to be a millionaire, not to bling until your eyes can't focus, not to get women to flock to his side; No, the abundance from his gift was used to grow the place where he was from.

The place he grew up many did not survive to be his age, 33 years old. Many from where he grew up had never traveled the world. Many from where he grew up could not imagine meeting with media moguls and political leaders with the sole purpose of bringing seed to grow his neighborhood. To live in a place that was a daily battle field, the country had written off as a place of no hope. Imagine being able to grow up in that environment, being told where you are has no future but seeing beyond all that he knew. Truly a light in a dark place.

What does any of this have to do with you being successful in your career? Everything. You will have days, as I imagine Nipsey Hussle did, when nothing around you seems hopeful. Nowhere can you see a light to the path you desire to journey. In those moments, remember the life of Nipsey Hussle. Remember how he was able to see the light and hope in his neighborhood even though no one around him could see it. He kept going anyway. He kept investing in the place with his time, money and resources to grow the place that no one thought could ever grow anything. Keep pushing!

NOTE: Today, April 1, 2019, Police Commissioner Steve Soboro, Police Chief Michel Moore and Jay-Z's ROC Nation were to meet with Nipsey Hussle on Monday afternoon to "talk about ways he could help stop gang violence and help us help kids." ~ out of respect the meeting still took place.

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