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Decipher Your Skills

Looking at your resume it's easy to see only the skills that apply to what you are doing right now. However, there are many skills which you see as specific to what you do that are also specific to the job you dream of doing.

Soft skills - communication, interpersonal skills, adaptability, leadership, team building, problem solving and a solid work ethic - are at the top of the career placement list. If you have been working for at least 2 years you should have most of the soft skills which are in high demand. Anyone can learn the details of their career, what they are trained to do. However, to be able to assess people and use their strengths to complete the task is something you can't learn in a classroom or text. It is a developed skill, which gets better the more it is used.

Couple soft skills with creativity and you just promoted yourself. In the rapid world of technology, the race is to convert whatever we can to an automated or AI process. Taking the most mundane or repeated task and assigning it to a computerized device. Well, how much longer can we convert from manual to automation? Eventually, and that date is coming soon, there will be nothing left to convert. Soon the search will be on for new ideas and concepts. If you are a creative, then your skill set is already being sought out. Someone who can invent rather than just convert.

Don't look at your skill set as a career trap. Rather, pick out of it those traits which would be a commodity in any career field. Those will be the traits, whether you change fields or not, that will move you along the path to success.

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