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DO Not Disturb ... please.

You know what you need. You know when you have reached your limit. You know when it's time to take some time, even if only a few hours or a day, to step away from others and regroup. The question is: If you know this, why don't you do it?

It would be easy to say it's FOMO, but that's not what it is. That would be an easy fix. No, you won't because you have so many goals, aspirations and milestones to reach that you think if you step aside for even a few hours you will lose the traction you've gained. Well, NOT TRUE.

Stepping away, especially when you know it's what you need (mentally, physically, spiritually) gives you the boost you need to move forward. The traction you've made, if done correctly in a solid way, will remain. If anything, your absence from the "scene" will increase the need for your presence; the scene being work and your social life.

Knowing you need some re-charge time and taking the steps to do it are invaluable. This is what a Success Lifestyle is all about. Spending a few days in a local B&B or hotel. Possibly driving a few hours away to take in new scenery and people. Escape to a last minute All Inclusive .

How you choose to take some time is your choosing but DO TAKE SOME TIME to yourself. This is where you refuel, regroup and see the progress you've made from a different view point. A view point that isn't so close.

We have no problem putting a Do Not Disturb sign on our hotel door. Have the same vigor when deciding to give yourself some space from your everyday life.

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