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No Time Like Now

The recent events in the news has made it very clear to live your life as best you can in the best way you know how. This is not a directive to be irresponsible, be overly adventurous or to throw caution and common sense to the wind. Instead, it is a directive to Go Forward.

The ideas you have about the direction of your career, the goals you are "hoping" to reach and personal hurdles you want to overcome require action today. There is no reason to wait, hold back or hesitate on the future that is yours. The plans you have made, in your head or on paper, should be put into action. Skills you need to acquire, sign-up pay the fee and get what you need. The people you want to know, reach out to them. The places you want to be, figure out how to be there either via membership or volunteering or phoning a friend.

Lately, it seems there is tragedy on the news all over the world. Daily we are reminded to use our days and time wisely. There is no better message and time for you to stop thinking and dreaming about the life you want. Take the step and go after it, create it and live it!

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