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Sometimes I Just Don't Feel Like It

Man, the work of hustling hard, grinding, being on point, covering all my bases is EXHAUSTING! There are days when just the thought of it all makes me overwhelmed and not want to do anything. Do you ever feel like this?

It's not that I don't want the success. It's not that I don't see the success. It's just some days it makes me want to lay on the couch and "binge watch" anything; I put it in quotes because I have not had the luxury to do this in a couple of years. To reach the level of success I know we all want, you have to do work towards your goals everyday. Your career will not move on it's own. The best Mentor or Sponsor can't do anything for you if YOU are not doing for yourself. So, what do I do when this feeling has a grip on me and won't let go? I look at everything I'm working on and do the action that requires the least bit of energy.

Some days the most I can muster is to send out a few emails to schedule coffee or lunch or dinner with someone I'm working to connect with. Or I'll scroll through Meetup for groups that may lead to meeting other career-minded folks to branch out of my small circle. When I really hit the wall, I read through some of the career and business newsletters that flood my inbox and make notes and references for myself to look up later. None of these are monumental steps towards my success but they ARE steps. Steps that should not be discounted because of their size of impact.

When journeying towards success, it can't be rushed and it can't be taken lightly. Success is in the details. Details are small, which means even the small steps are gaining ground in movement. Everyday you have the choice to do what you will with whatever time you believe you have. Make sure you do SOMETHING with it.

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