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Let's Keep Our Composure

There is something to be said about "not letting your left hand know what your right hand is doing". At 1st read, it sounds like someone keeping secrets. At 2nd glance you can see it tells you not to tell all of the plans you have. However, what I'm seeing is Keep Your Composure.

Whatever happens in the office - they don't choose you for the project, they pass you over for the promotion, they seem to not see you when looking for ideas, no one hears your remarks during the meeting. What you don't realize is in each of these situations someone sees and hears you. They heard your idea, saw you offer yourself up to be on the project; someone is watching you. Now, is the time to Keep Your Composure.

No one should know what your internal voice is telling you about what just happened. Nope, your face your body language and your words should all stay in line with the Brand of You. Yup, it's not easy but in order to stay focused and pointed in the direction of your goals YOUR Composure must stay the same.

Most of you are saying "DUH, I know this".... Well, it doesn't hurt reminding you. Trust me, with the seasons changing and the world turning upside down ... Consider yourself Reminded.

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