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Don't EVER Take an Email Lightly

It goes without saying that an email you must watch your words when sending an email. Be clear about your message. Do not use all caps and please whatever you do, don't get too fancy with the font; people can't read it. Sometimes I think we are so quick to respond through frustration, trying to be "immediate" or just in the email flow of the day and you "shoot" off another one. I wonder. Do you actually READ the emails that come to you? Or do you just skim them picking up the jest of it then responding.

Well, I caution you. just as important as it is to respond in a way that represents you well. So to must you read the email you receive fully, take just a moment to let it's words sink in then respond. The email you're sent may actually have more in the flow than it does in the actual words you are reading. Slightly pause at the commas, stop for a moment at the periods, keep the theme as you read the supporting bullets that follow.

Just imagine, had Edward Enninful kept moving. Scrolling past an email which at first glance was no different than any other in the flood of his inbox. Had he passed it off to his assistant. Had he moved it to junk because the single letter was not familiar to him. READ ALL YOUR EMAILS THOROUGHLY.... that is all.

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