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Let's Get This Party Started

It's mid November, the year is quickly coming to an end. You had goals, which you didn't meet for your career. You had some gains, but not the success you planned on. You made some changes, but your lifestyle is still not fully in line to support your journey. It's over. .... NOT!

The holiday season is upon you. This is the time to catch up and kick-start your 2020. There are so many social events happening in the next few weeks to connect you and move you steps forward. The holidays puts such an ease in the office, those in high positions are now reachable. They are in the office with a lighter edge. An open face to say "hello, my name is ...".

Even though the office and networking parties can be tiring at times, this is where YOU need to be. Show up with 100% of YOU. Walk in with a clear picture of where you want to be in 2020 and make everyone in the room aware. Just one conversation and move things in your direction. Don't miss the opportunity to be present, be scene and be known.

Someone said the game is won in the 4th quarter, well this is YOUR 4th quarter. Make it count! Don't chuck those 2019 plans up to a loss... The Party is Just Starting!

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