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Is It a Comeback If You Never Left?

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

The definition of Comeback: a return by a well-known person, especially an entertainer or sports player, to the activity in which they have formerly been successful.

A comeback means you "left" something to pursue something else, it didn't work, and now you're "coming back" to what made you successful. What the heck does that mean? Does that mean you moved into a position which required other skill sets and now you're back at what you're known for, SME? While working in this "other skill set" position, you stretched yourself, made new connections, learned a lot of new stuff and built your reputation in an area that didn't know you as well. Doesn't really sound like a failure. THIS is success.

This is success because you have added another branch to your skill set. You have exposed another area of business to who you are, how you operate and your strengths.

Now that you're back doing what you're "known" for, it doesn't mean its a comeback. Those who have been "following" your career can see how you took what you were known for and were able to apply it to other areas of business. It is to be admired, those who have not rested on their laurels but continued to evolve to greater heights.

Mr. Eddie Murphy has been more visible lately. A movie that's out on Netflix, several movies coming out that will pick up where their predecessor ended, and also working on a stand-up tour. However, it's not really a comeback when his voice has been in several DreamWorks films, he's been writing (obviously), and done a couple of dramatic film roles. He did not disappear. He did not shun the public. He did not change his name and grow a beard. Nope, he's been doing what he's always done.... laying back, observing the world and interpreting it all in his own way; and now he's ready to share it with us.

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