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Accountability Helps

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Well, we are 2 feet into 2021. At this point, no one should be talking about "back to normal" or even "new normal". Those of us who survived the last 10 months, should be grateful and accept that this is how it's going to be This is how it is and let's just accept it and live the best we know how to live.

That said, you have goals. You may have written them in pencil instead of ink, but they are still goals which you plan to reach. It's a big goal. It will change lifestyle once you reach your goal. The question is: what is your plan? What have you mapped out to do to get where you're trying to go?

You can't take giant leaps without making a plan. The best plans are created to move in increments. The goal should be broken down into chunks; a career chunk, a lifestyle chunk, a financial chunk, and a health chunk. I know chunk doesn't sounds rough but this isn't going to be easy. The rules have changed. The effort you would have used in 2019 has increased at least a level. So how do you do it?

Easy take each of the areas listed and give them a page. Now on the page at the top, write the ultimate goal in that area. Now free form list out all the changes that will have to take place to get there. They don't have to be big items, even small items make forward motion. Now let's take 1 item from each list and give it a deadline; 1 week, 2 weeks or 30 days. This is how you take a chunk and slowly break it into doable parts.

Now you can see a plan forming. There is something tangible you can work with not just the thoughts roaming around in your head. Don't think this plan will be created in just one day. Also, don't think the chunks won't change. The only constant on the page is the goal, and even this may grow into a different goal.

The plan is being built. How will you be motivated, besides your own internal drive, to complete the tasks you've listed? Do you have someone to be accountable to? Not a friend who remembers when they can to ask you about it. Or a co-worker who is also in competition with you, who may check on you to compare their own progress. No, I'm talking about someone who is only vested in helping you reach your goal.

With the instability of the economic climate, it's understandable you don't want to spend the money on a career or life coach. Still your commitment to reaching your goal should be quantitative. How do you measure commitment except through completing tasks and making it to your milestones? People. In this case, a group of people who are virtual.

I've started a FB Group, yeah I know who does FB anymore, well, I do. I especially do it for a Career Success Lifestyle Group because it's simple. It's a little app, you scroll thru you type in what you're doing for the week and I, along with other group members, keep you accountable. While also giving you support and tools to help you reach your destination.

No adds, no pictures of my dinner or the sibling challenge. Just a group to keep each other accountable to your plan. It's free. The only commitment is what you want to get out of it.

So here it is, The FB Group . You say you want to reach your goals. You want to have a life where you have defined what success is for you. This is a small commitment which can yield big dividends for your goals.

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