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All In.... Or Nothing.

Ahh, YES! She is the Woman of the Hour, Ms. Andra Day. For me, it's not just about the movie, The United States vs Billie Holiday, nope. It is about a response she gave in an interview on Super Soul Sunday.

In the interview, when speaking about preparing for the role and how kind Lee Daniels was in asking what was she willing to do and not do. She said, "My Dad taught me, you're either All In or your not". Hmm.... not much to think about until you start thinking about your goals.

Every time you've said you're going to start working on being more disciplined in your work week routine. The notes you've made about steps you should take to change the direction of your career. Countless conversations you've had with people about how to gain more experience and knowledge. Your yearly review at work when you say what you want to do, but when opportunities present themselves you never seem to be positioned to step forward. The question now is, are YOU ALL IN or Not?

What will it take for you to fully commit, not to what others want you to do but what YOU claim to want for yourself? When will the moment come when you push fear and the negative voices to the side and move forward every single day. When will you decide to truly be ALL IN? Well, if the last year has taught you anything it is that NOW is the time.

It's Tuesday, March 8, 2021. Today is the day you commit to being ALL IN for YOUR goals.

If you need some help or aren't sure how to start, Join the free FB Group Career Success Lifestyle to get some answers and support.

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