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Are You Ready for Some ......

Anticipation. Expectations. Possibilities. Excitement. These are the high emotions those of us who are football fans are feeling. We don't know how well our team will do, if anyone is going to get injured or if this year there will even be a full season, but we are waiting with baited breath.

This is how your mentor, sponsor and accountability circle should be. They should be sitting in suspense to hear about your next steps. Are you looking at new skills to acquire? Will you be moving to a new department or company? Are you developing new ideas to pitch at the next staff meeting? What is your next objective?

Yes, work can be daunting. Scenes from a stale zombie like office where people don't even look up from their work until the bell rings flash before your eyes daily. That doesn't have to be your reality. Look at work as a place where you can truly expand. Your career isn't meant to go up a ladder, but more to rise on a slant toward the goal; towards the end zone.

The world is in a unique place right now, up is down and down is backwards. It's in these moments of flux that your career can rise above and expand into the great success you desire it to be. One thing you learn in football, you study lots of plays so that while the game is play you have a repository to pull from to change up when you need to. Don't believe me just ask Terry Bradshaw and Deion Sanders.

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