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Be A Potato... Everyone wants YOU

Recently I was speaking to my Best Friend and Finding Joy Coach Lisa Perry. We both love potatoes. We were talking late in the evening and how she wanted a baked potato. She had some roasted potatoes in the freezer, but it just isn't the same. This made me think about all the ways you can eat potatoes and affirming to our conversation, the taste is much different depending on how you use it; French fries traditionally cut, roasted potatoes, baked potato, mashed potatoes, hash browns, boiled potatoes, smashed potatoes, French fries waffle cut.

The same can be said for your skill set. Sometimes we stay within a specific industry, like let's say healthcare, and because of this determine we can only work in healthcare. What we don't realize is depending on how we are needed determines where our skills can be used.

Keeping with the example of healthcare, transferrable skills are:

  • Interacting with people in stressful situations, keeping my professional composure

  • Ability to prioritize on the spot when organizational needs change

  • Train and mentor new employees in the job function and career goals

  • Able to translate policies into action

  • Abiltiy to work in a 24/7 environment

  • Prepare and present results and proposals

  • Accounting and billing rules and regulations, able to explain this to various levels of clients internal and external

  • Understand and accommodating to a changing organizational structure

  • Flexible in work environments

  • Able to pivot from in office to telework to hybrid, while keeping an adhesive team

  • Able to take complex policies and procedures and break them down into understandable chunks of information for staff and clients.

These are just a few of the ways a hospital non-clinical skillset can be used in other environments.

Its very easy to see a potato in different forms and know that it's still a potato but very different depending on how it's presented. Why can't you see the same about your skillset? Hmmm....... Maybe now you can.

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