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Be Patient Like Amazon

AMAZON!! Who doesn't use it? Even if you try not to use it, you always end up going back to the site. You can add things to your cart, create a wish list and even "save it for later". Amazon, unlike a regular retail site, will let you put items in your cart for years. They even track your item for you; "this item is no longer available", "your item is now available at a lower price", "another vendor now has your item available". It's awesome! They just keep storing your desired items because they know eventually you'll be back and you will order. It may not be today or tomorrow, but it will happen one day.

Well, your career is the same way. You have to be just as patient as Amazon. Keep applying to positions, keep showing up to events, keep raising your hand at work, keep reaching out for new opportunities and keep learning skills. It may not be today or tomorrow, but it will happen. Just stay focused and be patient.

Amazon started out as a place to buy books, but now you can buy just about anything from there. YOU are starting out as a person applying for a growing position to move towards your career goals. Right now you are just applying, but soon you'll be the sought after person due to all you bring to your position at multiple companies. Just be patient.

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