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Check-In with Yourself.... In Truth

Yup, we're still not open; COVID 19 is running free on the earth and we are restricted because of it. Meanwhile, the business world and life keep going. So should your goals for your career. Yes, it's not going to be as clear as it was prior to March but you can still see it. The goal you have for your career is still in sight. It's going to take you looking at your skill set and the reality of the field in truth.

I'm optimistic but it's rooted in reality. In the case of your career, the reality is networking, position availability, new clients, new projects, new lines of services and offerings is not what it was. What is the same, your level of energy to reach your goals. Your goals can be met and they can be achieved. It will take looking at all the areas used to move your career forward in a different light.

Networking & Position Availability- dust off that Meet-up account and look at what groups are meeting virtually. It may not give you a job lead but it will give you insight into what's going on inside of companies.

New Clients, New Projects & New lines of Services and Offerings - this is going to take some research and connecting. If you've been following me, you know I'm a proponent of getting to know all sorts of people in the office; admin staff, mailroom, facility management. These groups know more about movement in the company than those who work in some of these places. Research the industry, this is where you will get an idea of what types of projects are viable and what clients, new and old, have needs your company can supply. Read everything and anything about your field and the industry that surrounds it.

Looking beyond where you sit and what everyone else is looking at will give you the edge on those around you. Your career goals are reachable, the path you originally thought you'd take to get there is a bit different now. Adjusting, pivoting, and thinking about your skills in a different way will get you there.

Note: Janice Bryant Howroyd, CEO & Founder of Act 1 Group a billion-dollar company, speaks so clearly about how the responsibility for your career moving forward is you. Click the picture to hear a snippet of what she has to say.

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