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Congratulations... Welcome to the New Frontier

Remember when it was you. You were finishing school. Remember what everyone said "I can't wait to see what you do next". Well, what have you done next? Have you gone forward? Have you made everyone watch with wonder at the direction you've taken? What have you done since you graduated?

When you look back, can you see how far you've come. Do you see the progress you've made? Or do you look back and only see the "shoulda coulda woulda"? I hope not. Regardless of how far you've come from when you were the graduate, count it all as progress. Unless you have spent the last X number of years sitting on your mom's couch watching TV, then YOU have moved yourself forward.

One thing that rings true from Post Malone, is the word patience. He kept moving forward. I'm sure there were places where he turned right instead of left, but what he learned in that turn has become invaluable. So to EVERYONE who reads this, I say Congratulations...

I can't WAIT to see what YOU do next!

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